Mar 23

Braes of Achnahaird, the Far North West of Scotland

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One I prepared earlier as the saying goes .. from our holiday back in September, in the far North, near Achiltibuie, by the Summer Isles.

This region has many Artist’s studios, and small wonder, because the light here is pretty outstanding, ….. on a good day, like when I captured this. There are many hues in the grasses and mosses on the extremely wet moorland, and in September, the purple of the heather is in contrast to the reds, golds and greens. Blue skies can be elusive…..but they don’t compliment this region, where austerity becomes the attraction. You need mood to compliment the savagery of the weather and primeval landscape here with some drama, as here with the sunbeams breaking through, and a few patches of light, acting as a spotlight upon the scene.
Watch the wind in the grasses and experience poetry in motion.
Mix in the sound of Curlew and Golden Plover and you have food for the Gods !!

Mar 22

Scenic Canyon

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The first time I saw this magnificent canyon I wondered if it was a National Park. As a young man from the American Midwest, I was surprised to find it wasn’t. I’ve been here a hundred times since and still wonder why it isn’t. I have several photos from here to share, this one is HDR processed.

Mar 21

Oasis of tranquillity before darkness falls

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one wonderful sunset.

Mar 10

Near Bliss

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Taken 3.33 miles from the original location of “Bliss”, the Windows XP wallpaper.

I had planned to get a shot from the bliss location even though it is now all grapevines, but when using Google Earth, I had incorrectly estimated the direction of the original shot. When I arrived the sun was not in a favorable position and the sky was boring gray clouds beyond the landscape. So, while waiting for the sun to move and the clouds to change I did a bit of exploring in the nearby area and was able to get many shots in directions where the sky was better. Unfortunately the sky got progressively worse and I abandoned the effort to photograph an updated “Bliss” during this trip.

Mar 10

amazing sunsets

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I watched a beautiful sunset next to Oceanside Pier. I wish I lived closer to the beach; I never get tired of watching the sun set in places like this.

Mar 09

Wonderful scenic photos

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Hello everyone please check out this gallery of amazing landscape photo, also water scape, in this gallery you can find photos of mountains,rivers,forests,waterfalls,and much more take some time and see our photos.

Mar 05

Porteau cove scenic landscape at sunset in Beautiful British Columbia

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This beautiful sunset of the islands seen from very scenic Porteau cove BC, this wonderful scenery from British Columbia in Canada

Feb 26

Winter scenes

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Many years ago, I experimented with infrared film on medium format cameras. As some of you might know, it was a difficult task. Long exposures, deep red filters, loading and a loading the film in total darkness. The result was a hit and a miss, in my case anyway, whatever came out ok I printed in my darkroom to dreamy like images. All this was dormant for years; I forgot how beautiful infrared photography could be. That was until I had Panasonic TZ3 point and shoot camera converted to IR. Amazing how easy it is in the digital age.

Feb 25

Mountain Reflections

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Hi please check out this great shot of mountain reflection all look like one great scene.

Feb 24

amazing sceninc photos

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Hi everyone today I would like to show you 17 beautiful scenic photos, authors of these photos are really great scenic photographers.