Aug 03

Partly sunny summer day near Clitherall, MN

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These scenic photos are from a gravel road in rural Clitherall, MN







Jul 26

Gowanus Reflection I

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Mar 10

Near Bliss

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Taken 3.33 miles from the original location of “Bliss”, the Windows XP wallpaper.

I had planned to get a shot from the bliss location even though it is now all grapevines, but when using Google Earth, I had incorrectly estimated the direction of the original shot. When I arrived the sun was not in a favorable position and the sky was boring gray clouds beyond the landscape. So, while waiting for the sun to move and the clouds to change I did a bit of exploring in the nearby area and was able to get many shots in directions where the sky was better. Unfortunately the sky got progressively worse and I abandoned the effort to photograph an updated “Bliss” during this trip.

Mar 09

Wonderful scenic photos

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Hello everyone please check out this gallery of amazing landscape photo, also water scape, in this gallery you can find photos of mountains,rivers,forests,waterfalls,and much more take some time and see our photos.

Feb 24

Wake Up And Dream

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Well it was a bit of lunchbag letdown this morning..I woke up and took a look outside and the sky looked clear..I headed down to the lake to watch the sunrise and clouded over very quickly unfortunately. I’m a morning person as most of you know..Any sunrise to me is a good one 😉 Great way to start the weekend while others are still hugging the pillow 😉 lol

Feb 18

Gold Belt National Scenic Byway near Victor, Colorado

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Feb 02

Freedom to dream

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Poovar… A place where every person with a camera becomes a ‘Great’ photographer.

In some places, all that we need is a camera for the place is so good & scenic that good photos just get clicked. This is one shot where all that we had to do was choose the best place for capturing the sunset and the rest took care of itself.

Jan 24

Francis Bay

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Best snorkling. We swam offshore around a small key and saw a huge (4′) ray, beautiful reefs, and several sea turtles, as well as millions of colorful fish.