Apr 20

White Sand Island Camiguin Philippines

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White Sand Island Camiguin PhilippinesThis beautiful scenic island is situated just to the north of Camiguin Island. It’s a small sandbar with no permanent structures and just a few vendor tents offering refreshments, snacks and even umbrella and chair rentals. The sand is as white as it gets with big pieces of coral in all kinds of interesting shapes and sizes. The water is turquoise blue in the shallows and dark blue in the deeper water with varying shades in between.

Feb 14

Enjoy the Beauty and Splendor of Lake Michigan

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Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is a very famous lake in the United States and is one of the largest freshwater lakes in all the world. The lake has retained it’s beauty through well planned preservation and is very well maintained. You can catch many different types of fish that live in this lake and local government bodies have worked hard to develop this lake into becomming a very famous, worldwide tourist destination. charter fishing Lake Michigan providing the opportunity for tourists to try to capture different types of fish that live in Lake Michigan. You can bring your family and your colleagues on vacation to the lake and you will discover the sensation of fishing in the middle of the worlds fifth largest lake. Lake Michigan is a vast lake and along this beach you can easily find different types of charter boats and stores that sell fishing equipment.