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Scenic Sunsets Near Minneapolis, MN

Posted by peter | Posted in Sunset | Posted on 23-03-2015

Maplewood MN Sunset

Maplewood, MN Sunset

I drove 90 mph to capture this shot before the sun went down. lucky for me, I got it just in time. there is no filters and no editing added to this photo. taken on 3/20/2015 @ 6;49pm

Silver Lake Oakdale, MN Sunset

Silver Lake Sunset – Oakdale, MN

This photo was taken on 3/20/2015 in Oakdale MN by Silver Lake.

Buffalo, MN Sunset

Buffalo, MN Sunset

St.Patrick’s day 2015 – sun setting across the ice on Buffalo Lake in Buffalo MN.

Saved Baptism Sunset

Saved Baptism Sunset – God’s Creation

This photo is completely untouched. ┬áCenterville, MN – February 28th,2015

After having a down day, my fiance and I decided to go to Church. He kept telling me that he had a feeling the service was going to speak to me and it was a must that we go. I agreed and drove to Eagle Brook Church in Lino Lakes,MN. I had been so touched by the service it went straight to my heart and God was speaking straight to me. I immediately prayed to God to forgive my sins and to save me. I had this feeling go through me that was unexplainable and unbelievable I knew God was telling me that it was my time to get baptized. I stood up, my heart was pumping so hard, I was smiling, crying, sweating, nervous and excited all in one. I knew it was my time to be baptized. The service touched me so much It was an experience that I will never forget. After the baptism, we drove to embers in Centerville, MN to get anti freeze for my car. I turned around, and saw this amazing sunset I knew God was speaking to me. This is Gods creation. and that’s why I named this photo God’s Creation. there is also no editing or filters done.

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These are fabulous photo’s! Are the sunset photos for purchase?

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks and yes they are for sale.

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