Feb 15

Beautiful Tree Near Lake Michigan in Winter

Posted by peter | Posted in Winter | Posted on 15-02-2010

Location: Kohler Andrae State Park, Sheboygan, WI

Kelly took this beautiful photo.

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Thanks for the Comment. So you have been to Scandinavia, may I ask where in Scandinavia? Do you have relatives here? I just ask because I am interrested in genealogy. I know I have relatives in America somewere. But I don´t know any names or so.
Where are you from in that country?
Nice picture you have too om your blog. It is snow on this picture isn´t it?
All the best/
Ulla Sweden

yes its snow.

Ok, thanks for answering.I thought that you where living in America because of the info. above the photo. Please excuse me.
Yes, Finland is a part of Scandinavia.
Here is a website were you can find photos of runes and stones from Sweden.


All the best

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