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Quietly making noise

Posted by peter | Posted in HDR, Landscape | Posted on 08-02-2010

I’ve found this beautiful place called Laguna Beach in California where I was doing some scenic photography shooting.  Anyway, it took me more than an hour to find this beautiful place. I had to walk and climb my way around the beach. I’ve got my feet all wet but it was worth it as you see. After hour of climbing and walking I’ve found it. So I took my camera and made some sweet HDR shoots as you can see. This was an easy part, after that I’ve decided to go over the rocks into the water and get some dynamic pictures. It wasn’t that hard, but my feet were all wet and the rocks were slippery so I slipped couple of times but somehow I’ve kept my camera dry. After some effort and more slipping I’ve finally reached my destination, a beautiful big rock in couple of feet into the sea. It was the most beautiful moment and one of the best scenes that I’ve seen in my life. Just imagine yourself standing in the middle of the sea and the waves are splashing against your feet. I knew that I had to take some more scenic photos.  And after that there was a hard part. Coming back to the beach was harder than I thought because waves got bigger and they were splashing my legs. I’ve was thinking that I’ll fall into the water at one time. But luckily, everything went fine, I made it back, wet and tired but with dry camera. I’m telling you scenic photography can be demanding work, but as you can see from  my pictures it’s also very rewarding.
This is a 5 exposure HDR taken at f/9 while the sun was setting off to the far right (you can tell that by the color in the sky).  The exposures range from -3 to +1 and were created as an HDR in Photomatix.  That was then adjusted in PSE for Curves, Contrast, and Unsharp Mask.  The final touch was in Topaz Adjust.

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WOW those pictures are just AMAZING !!!! it’s really wonderful, you have a lot of talent.

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