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amazing HDR photos

Posted by peter | Posted in HDR | Posted on 23-01-2010

Lake Austin, Austin, TX
I had an opportunity to test out a super wide angle (SWA) lens that my friend was selling. He moved up to a Canon 5D II (lucky him) and he no longer used this lens that was designed for a cropped camera. Given that I’m doing more landscapes, I’m thinking that the Sigma 10 – 20mm might be a nice lens to have.

I went to my favorite scenic spot in Austin to see what it can do. This picture was taken at 18mm (29mm equivalent in full frame 35mm) from the same location as the image above taken at 10mm (16mm equivalent in full frame 35mm). As you can, SWA lens was able to capture the curve of the lake as well as some of the surrounding hills.

Narrowboats by Skipton in North Yorkshire

Narrowboats on the Leeds Canal by Skipton, North Yorkshire

Narrowboats on the Leeds Canal by Skipton, North Yorkshire. Note the ducks standing on the ice in the middle of the Canal.

Leeds Canal by Skipton

A Tractor in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.
Qtpfsgui 1.9.3 tonemapping parameters:
Operator: Mantiuk
Contrast Mapping factor: 1.839
Saturation Factor: 0.91
Detail Factor: 7
PreGamma: 1

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These photographs are absolutely stunning!! could you please tell me where you took the very first picture as in the exact location? I’m doing a photo portfolio for my final project in uni and I’m doing it on landscapes and I really really like the first photograph. Thanks!

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